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Cold-pressed what ?

Cold-pressed what ?

It does sound quite fancy and will probably impress your yoga teacher, but seriously, what does it really mean?

The Loop Machine

Endangered fruits and vegetables that are saved by LOOP’s rescue squad are carefully washed with alkaline water, then pressed using our high tech sci-fi-type machine. It extracts all the juice from our produce without using any heat, which allows to preserve the integrity of all those potent nutrients while keeping our precious liquids alive.

Secret magic potions

The juices are then carefully blended according to our raw food guru’s special recipes and poured into recyclable, locally made bottles. Rest assured that you’re getting the best quality nectars, as this guy is pretty serious about his cold-pressed juices; he refuses to add anything other than fruits and vegetables, not even water.

Under Water

Because cooking alters foodstuffs, we don’t pasteurize our juices. Instead, we rely on high-pressure pascalization as our trusty weapon to extend the shelf life of our juices. This method is much simpler than its name would have you believe.
Essentially, it is akin to plunging our bottles 60km deep into the ocean. Strong water pressure destroys harmful pathogenic bacteria without destroying nutrients or affecting taste. It also ensures our delicious juices remain perfectly fresh and alive for up to 2 months.

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